Property Styling. Is It Worth It?

Research suggests that people form an opinion in a matter of seconds.

You get one chance to make a good impression when selling your property online.

Professional photographs are the first point of contact with potential buyers. A professionally styled home presents better as the online photos can set your property apart in a competitive market. So staging matters, and it pays to create a good impression, and the return on investment is undeniable.

However, a good photographer cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. A great photo should allow for your audience to form a connection with the home.  This emotional connection usually leads to more lucrative offers and a higher sale price.

A good interior stylist will consider composition, light and make a dull property look more appealing, spacious, and beautiful through careful consideration of spatial elements. The placement of furniture, wall art, and details such as homewares, patterns, textures, and objects are used to create multiple layers that will enhance the properties features and captivate an audience.

Staging isn’t just decorating, according to our sales professionals. It’s about depersonalizing a home so prospective buyers can imagine themselves living in it. This can mean removing family photos, piles of newspapers, the dog bed, adding neutral-colored paint and carpet, and buying or hiring new appliances. Replacing old furniture with new modern furniture can transform a space. The use of greenery, plants, pots, and candles are all  tricks of the trade, seducing buyers to visualise themselves living and entertaining in the home.

Styling a property with on-trend styles and colors can help you achieve an increased return on your property, and often a property that is styled spends less time on-the-market. Hiring a professional property stylist can take the stress off your shoulders and during the campaign process and allows you to relax knowing your property is being presented to reach its maximum potential. Ask one of our sales agents about property styling if you’re considering selling your home but know it needs a makeover to show it in its best light.

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